about us

We have all kinds of blinds, shades, curtains, home automation products, testing equipment, and tools from most of the industries' leading manufacturers to help you with your next smart home project.

Our goal is to provide you with the best assistance so you can build the smart home of your dreams. To us, a complete smart home includes heating/air conditioning, lighting, window coverings, security, access control, telephone, entertainment, and irrigation, which are all linked to a computer with an always-on Internet connection and software that allows the operation of all systems using a computer. Systems can be individually programmed to run at certain times or intervals. Having all systems in a smart home connected to the Internet allows the home to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world, and by anyone to whom you give authorization.

This allows you to economize on utilities, protect the planet, secure your home and its contents, and rest assured that all is well.

Our mission is to make DomoHome the only place you need to visit to make your home both smart and beautiful – just like you!

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